Posted on Dec 7, 2020

Coolshield Car Tinting Specialist

Coolshield Car Tinting Specialist with CS Quartz Nano Pro Plus 9H Coat
CHOOSE Nano Tech.

CHOOSE NanoTech has been researching and developing the latest Revolution Bonding Technology (RBT)
and Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT) based on semi-conductor and photoelectric industrial technologies.
Revolutionary Bonding Technology RBT
Most of the protective coatings available in the market today are not viscous enough to adhere to
the substrate even though they are known for their basic dirt resistance and hydrophobic
properties. As soon as these coatings suffer some physical damage, they will be quickly dissolvedand separated from the substrate. Subsequently, the substrate will lose its protection.
RBT makes outstanding coating adhesion strength possible. The resulting adhesive strength is notonly a physical effect but also a chemical one. Cross-linking reaction occurs between the watermolecules in the atmosphere and the liquid ceramic. This reinforces adhesion of the coating to the
substrate which gives rise to the three-dimensional reticulated crystals.The resulting coating features extremely powerful bonding energy. Hence it can remainpermanently on the surface. Even with smooth substrates, such as glass, complete adhesion ispossible. Also, the adhesive strength does not fade with time. Because of the RBT technology, theCS Quartz Ceramic series can provide any material with permanent protection.

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